Meet Mags from Barleywood Flower Studio!

Barleywood Flower Studio is a hidden gem located just a few miles from the hilltop farming town of Rathfriland in County Down owned by Mags.

Although I am Belfast ‘born and bred’ I’ve always been a country girl at heart and flowers have played a big part in my life from a very young age!

My Mum and Granny encouraged us as kids to buy seeds with our pocket money and grow them in a designated spot in the garden.

What a buzz I got from making posies with my flowers wrapped in paper doylies.

That same passion I had as a child making those Victorian posies sees me now making bouquets for brides and creating flowers to suit any occasion.

My style is quite diverse!   As any good florist, I can meet your requirements whether it be traditional, modern, garden style etc.  I get excited by designing tailored bouquets for my brides.  We only get one chance so it’s got to be 100% perfect! I take delight in following what is currently happening in the floristry world, keeping up to date with what is trending.

If I was to give advice to brides and grooms it would be to get as much organised as early as possible. There is nothing worse than leaving any arranging until the last minute.

You should keep stress to the minimum which will enable you to enjoy your wedding celebrations to the max!

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